Sof Dagi (the South Mountain) association is founded in autumn of 2005. Our aim is to encourage youngsters to sport and participate in social activities. Sof Dagi strongly ties non-formal educative activities with sport. We are working in different areas, such as sport activities, non-formal educative activities and active citizenship related activities.

​Members of our association are professional swimming coaches, who are specifically experienced with their target groups: they are working with youngsters, adults and disabled children.

​Sof Dagi association is a member of Turkish Underwater Sports Federation, Turkish Swimming Federation, and Turkish Modern Pentathlon Federation. We are board member of Turkish Water Polo Federation and Turkish Modern Pentathlon Federation.

Founders of our organization have different professional backgrounds and running Sof Dafi is like a hobby for us. But we think, that what really matters, is that we all very enthusiastic about our hobby – we are dedicating our free time (and often also working time and late nights) to meet Sof Dagi’s aim.

We are encouraging young people to socialize, to be more active and involve in active citizenship through sport. We provide to our volunteers and youngsters swimming and diving lessons and challenge them to prove their skills in swimming tournaments. Besides that we have been working on active citizenship, and getting involved in decision making mechanism and sports policy. ​

To sum up – we are team of professionals; we love, what we are doing; we are always ready to learn and do more.


We are an experienced NGO with sending experience more than 120 volunteers since 2012 to Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Malta, Portugal, France, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Poland, Slovakia.


We are hosting volunteers from Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain. In total we hosted 10 volunteers but since summer 2016 we plan to host more, as we have got new Group-EVS accreditation.


Contact: sofdagi@gmail.com

Address: Değirmiçem Mahallesi Ökkeş Bahri Caddesi No:34 Şehitkamil – Gaziantep – TURKEY

Phone: 0090 342 321 58 02

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sofdagi/?fref=ts

Our Past Projects

Lifesaving Measures

Youth in Action 1.2 – Turkey – January – August 2013

The project report in Turkish you will find by clicking here:http://sofdagi.com/ilkyardim

First aid is of critical importance during the very first minutes of the life threatening conditions. Knowledge of first aid measures in such conditions is therefore of paramount importance where small measures may save the life of the affected person. Unfortunately adequate education about the issue is limited to very few professionals. Therefore education to public – especially to the youth – is priceless.

During this project we wanted to show the importance of first aid to both youth and regional society. We toughed them about simple health precautions and some measures without any medical equipment.

We invited participants from handicapped areas in our geographical region, so that young people who can’t get adequate education can take place in this project. The project had activities based on non formal education.

No Bags More Fish – Youth in Action 3.1 – Turkey 12 – 19 June 2013

This project was about line fishing and throwing net, the objection of using tırıvırı. There were 30 participants from Turkey, Spain, Georgia, Estonia and Ukraine. Activities included workshops, methods of non formal education, tournament of fishing. Also local society was involved in the tournament.

European Voluntary Service (EVS)

At the moment we are hosting our first long term EVS volunteer – Zane Ozola from Latvia. She is helping us in swimming pool and office work.

We are also sending Turkish young people to Latvia and Romania for short and long term EVS projects.

Young Union with Fewer Opportunities

Youth in Action 4.3 Turkey 23 – 27 April 2011

This was a Contact Making Seminar aiming to gather organisations working with young people with fewer opportunities. The project was organised in Gaziantep gathering  24 participants from 11 countries – Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, France, Poland, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia.

The seminar helped youth organisations to share experiences and have new contacts for future cooperation. Another objective of the

project was to provide intercultural learning to the participants.

The action included presentations, group work, brain storming, discussion and evaluation sessions and the participants gained new skills, experiences and attitudes via non-formal education methods.

Cycling for Better Life 

Youth in Action 3.1a Turkey 23 – 29 September 2009

Air and sound pollution is increasing, global warming is becoming a serious problem, and people are becoming passive. We as civil society organizers should give direction to society, how to avoid these problems. As we see, biking is one of the solutions.

This project was held in Kilis for 7 days and it gathered 27 participants from Romania, Georgia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Turkey.

Watch and Change

Youth in Action 3.1 Kobuleti, Georgia 12-19 October 2013

Aims of this project was to explore the theme of the active and creative citizen; to advocate for the techniques of informal learning; to explore the Youth in Action Program and place it in the context of youth work; to develop cooperation across Europe and enhance European networking, with a special focus on development in the Eastern Europe and Caucasus Countries.

This project gathered participants from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Italy, Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria.

Young Bridges Connecting Cultures

Youth in Action 1.1 Stockholm, Sweden 20 – 27 May 2013

The exchange was about empowering young people to gain an insight in the world and lives of young personalities from other countries, cultures and backgrounds. The general theme of this youth exchange was to bring young people together and to make them aware of the many possibilities on a national and international level, to improve international cooperation between youth and to let them explore and create an understanding of each other’s cultures through art. As this exchange was a result of long term cooperation, we wanted to put special focus to this year’s exchange: “West-East Cultural Dialog” – we wanted to achieve common cultural understanding, to let young people to learn and to experience other cultures and break stereotypes. Its main aim was to promote tolerance between the different cultures and to combat the racism and xenophobia, which are one of the main problems in the Europe.

The project gathered 30 participants from Sweden, Czech Republic, Turkey, Romania and Estonia.